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Ragi Rava – 500gms




Ragi is called ‘Bahuguni Anaj ‘ ;because it has many good qualities. Ragi is rich in Calcium so helps to make bones stronger. Ragi is rich in Dietary Fibre so it helps in weight loss. In last Decade Ragi was understood as poor man’s food but as per research no other cereal is rich in calcium as ragi.Nowadays many doctors are prescribing patients to add ragi in Daily food.  Ragi contains   5 to 8 % Protein,65 to 75 % carbohydrates, 15 to 20% Dietary Fibre,2,5 to3.5 minerals.34.4 %  Ragi  Rice is very healthy because of it’s nutritious value. Ragi contains Unique Amino Acids. Ragi  contains amino Acids like Lecithin, Methionin which help to reduce fat Ragi contains Theronin amino acid which prevents to produce fat in liver. These Amino Acids prevent to produce blockages in blood veins automatically it prevents danger of Paralyses. Now we are aware of its importance of Ragi. Ragi Rava is good for morning or afternoon snacks.You can have Ragi Halwa or Ragi upma.Rava is crushed Ragi (Nachni)
Ragi Rava is’ RESIDUE FREE ‘


Gluten free

Low in unsaturated fats

Ideal for weight lost since it helps in curbing appetite.

It is substitute for white wheat rava

It can be used for cooking rava dishes like ragi Halwa and ragi Upma

It helps prevent osteoporosis

It helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels

It is rich in calicium, proteins, iron and vitamins

It contains useful amino acid

It helps reduce liver fats

It contains theronin amino acid which prevents to produce fat in liverIt helps prevent paralysis

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