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Ragi Rice – 500gms



Ragi is called ‘Bahuguni Anaj ‘ ;because it has many  good qualities. Ragi is rich in Calcium so helps to make bones stronger.
Ragi is rich in Dietary Fibre so it helps in weight loss.In last Decade Ragi was understood as poor man’s food but as per
research no other cereal is rich in calcium as ragi.Nowadays many doctors are prescribing patients to add ragi in Daily food.
Ragi contains 5 to 8 % Protein,65 to 75 % carbohydrates, 15 to 20% Dietary Fibre,2,5 to3.5 minerals.34.4 % Calcium.Ragi
Rice is very healthy because of it’s nutritious value. Ragi contains Unique Amino Acids. Ragi (Nachni) is High in
Calcium Content (approx 34.4%). Thus prevents osteoporosis. Gluten free .High in Dietary fibre which helps in digestion .
Low in unsaturated fats. Ideal for weight loss since it helps in curbing appetite.Ragi Bread is not tasty,
but rice tastes good and thus can replace regular rice. Contains special Amino acid lecithin and methionine
which lowers cholesterol and reduces fat in liver. Ragi contains Theronin amino acid which prevents to produce
fat in liver. These Amino Acids prevent to produce blockages in blood veins automatically it prevents danger
of Paralyses. Now we are aware of its importance of Ragi. We have Ragi rice (chaval).
Indian food Thali Rice is main dish, if we are getting ragi rice then why not add in 3,4 days in our
Daily Thali. Till today we were getting only ragi flour, but now Ragi Rice is available. Ragi Rice is Residue free


  • It is processed Ragi
  • It can cook like rice
  • Good option for regular rice, especially for diabetic people
  • Can be used to make delicious pulaw or dal khichdi
  • It helps maintain Cholesterol levels

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Weight 500 kg


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